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"We love Eureka Pizza, they are delicious and when you want pizza, there's no waiting. And so convenient Drive-Thru." -Charles Saulsbery, Fort Smith


"Your staff is awesome. Always on time and friendly!" -Kim Casper, Rogers


"The pizza is really good. It's better than Pizza Hut. I could eat it all the time." -JP Winters Jr, Fort Smith


"Me and my husband just finished a thin crust supreme. We love it so much. Thanks for the Drive-Thru on Zero Street. We are so lucky we only have to drive 3 miles to pick it up. So tasty and yummy. Thank You!" -Tammy, Fort Smith


"Best Pizza value, taste and variety in town!" -Amy Barrett, Fort Smith


"Monday Madness is the best part of Mondays. Greatest Value in prepared food. Good Food, Good Price." -Tom Hardgrave, Fort Smith


"The delivery guy was really nice and patient as I looked for the money. I am definetly coming back. The pizza was amazing." -Breanna, Fayetteville


"We stopped on our way back to Huntsville, got pizza, breadsticks, & soda special. 3 of us eat on way home. 32 miles later grandpas's pieces was still Warm!" -Norma J Meyers, Huntsville


"First, I wanted to say how happy I am that you are carrying gluten free pizzas! As are my gluten intolerant friends and family." -Crystal Hawley, Springdale


"Great Pizza! Great Price! Great Delivery!" -Lindsay West, Fayetteville


"Eureka Pizza is the best hands down while I don't get to get it as often as id like when i do its always great and always hot." -Bob Gordon, Springdale


"Monday night pizza night really a blessing. It saves my sanity and helps us have family time. Everyone eagerly awaits pizza & Movie night every Monday. Thanks!" -Drystal Osbon, Fayetteville


"The employees at Eureka Pizza are always nice and friendly. I don't buy pizzas at any other place. I go to Eureka Pizza on White Rd." -Thelma Davis, Springdale


"Very good. Love the Cheese Sticks!" -Sharon Levings, Fort Smith


"Used a coupon for a $4.99 Large Pepperoni - Can't beat that price! It was also one of the best pizzas we've ever eaten. Definitely our new pizza place."

 -Misty @ Frank Rhyne Painting Co Inc.


"My grand-daughter worked at a local pizza store and was very impressed at the excellent Hawaaian Pizza having bacon and ham and canadian bacon. It's our favorite." - Mr & Mrs Gerald Weeks, Fort Smith Grand


"Amazing food. Friendly workers and nice and hot pizza and bread sticks."

-Garrett Keller, Fort Smith Grand


"Eureka Pizza is the best place to get pizza. The employees are always friendly and very courteous to me. They always tell me of side items." -Mrs Frankie Davis, Springdale


"Loving the new Gluten Free!!!" -Patty Glen, Bentonville


"Eureka Pizza has the best cheese pizza." -Madison Summit, Bella Vista


"Thank u eureka pizza on mission in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the best pizza in the world that even my mother woud like. Most of all thank u for the gluten free pizza that u made for me! yum yum wow the best in the world! Thank u."

-Rick Allen, Fayetteville


"My husband and I love stopping by your Bentonville location. They are always so nice (and it is conveniently less than a block from our babysitter)! The pizza is amazing and the price is wonderful!" -Ashleigh and Zach Michalik, Bentonville


"FYI The Ready to Go Pepperoni Pizza looked just like the picture when we opened the box to eat it. Just the way I like it." -Scott Huse, Springdale


"I have been a frequent customer of Eureka Pizza for a year…and this was my best pizza yet. I did ask for a little extra sauce and it was delicious." -Gerald Smith, Rogers


"The delivery guy was really nice and patient as I looked for the money. I am definetly coming back. The pizza was amazing." -Breanna, Fayetteville


"First time ordering a supreme and it was Awesome! Will definitely order other Specialty Pizzas. Y'all Rock!" -Carrie & Rick Bell


It's a long drive but I wouldn't get my pizza from anywhere else! -Jeff Hansen Hollywood Beach, Florida


"Was out doing errands and was hungry. Stopped at a new pizza shop. Thought I would give them a try. Big Mistake!! won't be doing that again. Thanks for keeping the up quality of Eureka Pizza in this economy. Been here since the beginning." -Bobbye in Fayetteville


All of my Family loves Eureka Pizza!!!" -Family Diaz


I want to take this moment in my day to express my PRAISE!!!!!! Yesterday I was looking at several of our local Pizzeria's to supply 12 one topping Pizzas for my son's birthday/end of year football gathering and was treated so very rude by most of your competition. I then called your location that is on Thompson St in Springdale, Not only were they friendly, Amazing in their customer service, I got a good deal. I was happy!!!!! This morning 5/8/12 I got a phone call for confirmation of my order!!! I about came out of my chair at my desk at the polite manner and the fact that your company took the extra step. You could teach a few local business the importance of Customer Service and that from now on this will be the only place I go for Pizza in Northwest Arkansas Thank you,

-Shannon Kleespies-Holman, Springdale


Guy at the window was kind, fast, and courteous, very important. Thanks, that made me want to come back. Pizza was great. -Debra Dias, Fort Smith


I like the white pesto sauce instead of the red sauce. Keep up the good work! -Amanda Kims


Not having much money anymore, with times changing so much it's great to know their still is a great place to eat and have foo you can't wait to eat again. -David Coville, Fort Smith


Real Good Pizza! -Gary Hamm, Fort Smith


Sat is a good night to eat pizza. The evening before the super bowl game. I didn't want to wait to eat!!! The bread sticks are great! -Bob Wells, Fort Smith


Thank You for keeping great tasting pizza at bargain prices!! -JoAnna Valenza, Fort Smith


The crust is the Best! The best Pizza in town. Thank you for a job well done.

-Teresa Peterson, Mansfield


Very good Pizza for the price. I like you do not have to wait. -Rock Elliot, Fort Smith


Very Helpful, Made my lunch break Very enjoyable. Bill is management quality.

-Michael Krizan, Fort Smith


We love the pizza here. Never have any problems and always fresh and hot.

-Amanda Ross, Fort Smith


We really enjoy the pizza. My favorite is the pepperoni, while my husband favors the sausage.

-Debby McClain, Greenwood


Your pizza is great and it was Hot. Jessica was friendly in person as well as on the phone.

-Charlotte Pitcher, Fort Smith


My order was taken by Geoffry and delivered by Larry. Wonderful and timely service!!! Everytime. Love you guys! -Lauren Etges, Fayetteville


We decided to go through the drive-thru and found we were the sixth car in line, but we were in and out in about five minutes. We received fast and fresh food. Still the BEST! Hometown Favorite!

-Joey Davis, Siloam Springs


We love Eureka Pizza and are always satidfied with the quality. Also, the employees are very courteous and friendly. -Judy Blank, Siloam Springs


Way to go! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Happy Happy Joy Joy! -Harps Pharmacy, Rogers


Great Pizza, Excellent Employees! -Maralene & Dave Thomas, Rogers


The service is always fast, people are always polite and smiling, and their politeness keeps us coming back to this store for our pizza. Thanks for everything. -Lisa Hendrix, Farmington


Great Crew at Mission. Always pleased with the great service and Menu. -Mr. M Hill, Fayetteville


"The girl who took my order on phone was very nice and helped me get the best deal for what pizza I was wanting." -Natalie Florer, Rogers


"Best Pizza by far. Beats Dominos pizza by far. Beats Pizza Huts Pizza too." -Carlos Woods, Springdale


Love the NEW Pepperoni! -Rosa Edwards, Fayetteville


Jennifer from the Dixieland store in Rogers is awesome. She can keep smiling and keep her cool, even when there is a line going out the door and her crew is yelling for supplies. She's AWESOME! Gotta love her, here is her HIGH FIVE! Secondly, You might be a redneck if you stop at dominoes in Fort Smith and get directions to the Eureka Pizza store on Garrett Ave, AND THEY GIVE 'EM TO YOU!!! the service Jennifer gives just makes it GREAT! -Patrick Edwards, Garfield


Thanks everyone at Eureka pizza specially the gang in Springdale on 71B you guys are the best -Diane Carter, Springdale


I love this pizza. Bar none its the best & should be enjoyed up north here in Maine. Please consider opening up a place here., I will run it for you. -Vickey Secoy, Waterville Maine


Great pizza for the price. Also clean store and real great employees. I will go back for more pizza in a week from today's date! -Miguel Sanchez, Siloam Springs


Store is in a convenient place form our house. Easy to pick up on the way home form shopping or church. -Floyd Rhoades, Bella Vista


Real great pizza at a good price. -John Smith, Van Buren


Your pizza is always very, very good, and really hot too. -Justin Wood, Siloam Springs


My pizza was a rush order & 100% accurate. The employees were exceptionally friendly and made sure I was happy. -Jackie Walters, Roland


What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon not having to cook a meal when watching a baseball game. -Bob Wells, Fort Smith


This was the first time for me to purchase Eureka Pizza and it was real good. Real hot. I will return. The young man holding the sign did a great job at getting your attention..he even told me how to find it. -Walter Page, Mansfield


Great quality and mighty tasty! -Scott Brown, Arkoma


I buy pizza from here all the time it's the best. Better than other pizza parlors! Yall are #1 for me. Keep it up! Employees today were wonderful. -Michelle Hlyssa-Hewitt, Fort Smith


Love your fast yummy cheese pizzas - great price too. -Jodie Houston, Fort Smith


it's so good, I love it. -Jarred Hurlocker, Fort Smith


I have been at your store in Fayetteville when you first started out. Great Pizza then, Great pizza now. Thanks for coming to Fort Smith. -Gary Harman, Fort Smith


Great pizza, we eat it at least 5 times per month, especially the pepperoni pizza, great price! -David Coville, Fort Smith


We are new to Arkansas and Eureka Pizza is the Best. Especially wacky Wednesday. -Susan Carrier, Siloam Springs


Yes, this was the best pizza I ever tasted -Jackson, Bentonville


Very good pizza. Much better than my national chain. -Wayne Barreck, Springdale


I loved the pizza!!! It was awesome possom!!! - Cindy Gee, Springdale


I love going to the Springdale location on White Rd. The crew there is so nice and always having fun. They make the best pizza. -Amanda Backford, Springdale


Best dam cheese sticks I have ever eat. With service like this I will be a customer for life! - Newton Paech, Winslow


Excellent service. Thanks for assisting us w/providing for our Peace at Home Guests. Employees assisted us w/loading our order of 30 pizzas! -Gail Eads, Fayetteville (Mission Store)


Always consistently good. I get the veggie - cant beat it. Everything seems fresh and lots of toppings. -Retha Gregory, Fayetteville


Thanks for the great pizza at a great price! Service is great too folks always willing to be helpful. Thanks - Eric Smith, Fayetteville


Russell C took our order and they were perfectly timed. The pizza was excellent. Great job. We ordered 4 Lg pizzas for a family reunion & everyone Loved them. Best deal in town. -Mike & Debra Bruuough, Mountainburg


Food is always fantastic. Great to see the new Drive-thru in Fayetteville. Stephen Setser, Fayetteville


Even when your broke you can still eat Eureka Pizza! -Autumn Anderson, Fayetteville


Good Job! Yummy! :) -Rifka Goreen, Rogers


Thanks for great pizza at a great Price! Service is great too folks are always willing to be helpful. Thanks. Long time customer. -Eric Smith, Fayetteville


Everyone was very nice and the food was excellent. Thank all of you for doing a good job. -Nelda Gilge, Fort Smith


Everytime we have ordered the delivery was fast and delivery people very nice. -Mr & Mrs John Paszkeit, Fayetteville


I think you're pizza is the best pizza I have ever eat. I will tell all the people I know. -Karen Wallace, Rogers


Yes this was the best pizza I have ever tasted - Jackson, Bentonville


Best value in the industry! We will keep coming back. Pizza is great. Hot 'n Fresh with no wait.

-CJ Sharp, Centerton


Service was wonderful appreciate the friendly atmosphere. Considerate staff. -Theresa Horton, Howe


Your specials rock, Your coupons are awesome. And the fact that ur a block away has truly helped our fam get through this football season. THx 5 games + many many practices -Shari Wilmoth, Bentonville


The price with quality and quantity just cannot be beat in our area. My family and friends all agree..Discovery of Eureka is GOLD!! -Jessica M Mitchell, Siloam Springs


I've eaten a lot of Pizza But nothing to compare to the supreme pizza that mother and I enjoyed. Great Price Great Pizza. The young lady that took my order was very friendly.

-Martha Jane Whitaker, Fort Smith


FnF Pepperoni - Delicious! From home to Eureka and back 6 minutes. -John & Renita Riggs, Rogers


I always order from Eureka Pizza. It's fresh and hot. The kids at Teeter totter loves the cheesy pizza. -Teeter Totter Daycare


Food was great. Man at cash register was very kind. All I can say is great great great!

-Shealynn Stanard, Alma


Good, Hot Cheap. We choose Eureka Pizza over any other pizza! -Jane Bieker, Fort Smith


Best pizza for the greatest price. I love it. The kids love it too! -Cherel Rhodes, Watts


I only buy pizza at Eureka Pizza. They have the lowest prices and the food is great. -Thelma Davis, Springdale


Hamburger Pizza was great, better than pizza hut. Best price on pizza! -Charles Lowe, Fayetteville


It was really really really good and tasted outstanding. My daughter and I loved it. Thanks a lot for a really good pizza. -Beverly Stallings, Fort Smith


Eureka Pizza is so good! -Kirsten Pearson, Siloam Springs


Staff is always very professional @ this location. It is great to be welcomed with a smile and asked to come back. - Craig Frank, Rogers


Your pizza is great. The price is right. -Amadea Castaldi, Rogers


The Pizza Hut parking lot right across the street is always empty and Eureka is always packed! Love it! And those damn ravioli's are delicious! -K Bannister, Fayetteville


Your business has done one thing always; provided a good food product at a good price. Thanks

-Jon Edwards, Fayetteville


Your pizza is very delicious and I didn't even wait 1 minute! -Carolyn Bryant, Rogers


Eureka is my favorite pizza. My husband and I really look forward to our Friday night with pizza and a couple of good movies. -Tammy Soto, Fort Smith


Your are the best and good pizza! -Harrison Floyd, Fayetteville


Love the bread sticks! -Kandis Hunsucker, Waldron


Great pizza We ordered supreme pizzas but without any meat a somewhat unusual specialty order but it was done right and service was great. Thanks. -Bill Elliott, Springdale


Very good pizza, our favorite, thanks. -Wanda Smith, Fort Smith


Awesome service, great pizza, love the prices. -Robert R McElhattan, Fayetteville


Eureka Pizza is my familys pizza place. If we happen to be served pizza from other chains we still know that Eureka Pizza is best! -Linda Sims


Ben was very nice and pizzas were very hot and good! Very good job Eureka Pizza!

-Megain Holley, Rogers


We love Eureka, employees are always nice and the food is always good. Love the discounts we earn. Will be a customer for a long time. -Maureen Horvath, Siloam Springs


You have the most cheese on the pizza. I love eating your pizza. I live the cheesy taste.

-Chloe Summers, Colcord OK


My students from CJHS came to EP for a field trip to make pizzas and Kelly and David and everyone were over the top gracious and friendly.with my special need students. Makes me want to buy more pizzas. -Karen Fosse, Springdale


My family favorite pizza and cheese with pepperoni. Good work! -Ana Herrera, Springdale


You are Awesome! Keep uo the good work!! Eureka Rocks!! -Samantha Barker, Greenwood


An amazing era in pizza. You get great quality pizza for the lowest prices. Definitely deserves it's popularity. It's everything you want in a pizza. -Bryan Torres, Rogers


Leaving Springdale, 8:30pm Wednesday: STARVING. But wait, the Eureka Pizza off of Elm Springs Rd. is only about 10 blocks from here! I'll take a large pepperoni, and oh yeah, $1 breadsticks!!! Problem solved. -Jim Scott, Fayetteville. :)


An amazing era in pizza. You get great quality pizza for the lowest prices. Definitely deserves it's popularity. It's everything you want in a pizza. -Bryan Torres, Rogers


Our favorite pizza place to eat. Thank you for your great time and service.. -Loretta Gafford, Bentonville


Great Pizza. Delicious taste and value. Excellent taste. Love it. -Ana Herrera, Springdale


Our family loves Eureka Pizza and I love the price.

Thanks! The Ferguson Family, a family of 8


The food was great and the price was awesome!

-Teresa Clark, Siloam Springs


Ordered 9 pizzas for office. They arrived exactly on time very

courteous. - Ginger at the Revenue office in Fayetteville


Cassandra took my phone order and she was polite and friendly and helpful. Very pleasant! And then when I picked it up she was smiling, clean and neat and very customer friendly. What a great employee caught doing an excellent job. -Robyn Hill-Reed, Springdale


This Eureka Pizza has always been my #1 pizza. It's reasonably priced and always delicious in taste. I have told lots of people about your pizza and the great service. Favorite Location

-Carolyn Honey, Fayetteville

Excellent prices and Excellent tasting pizza

-Thomas Ferrara, Fayetteville


I love your pizza can't get enough the crust is the best yum!

-Christina Flores, Rogers AR


Excellent value for my hard earned money A++ Thanks

-Robert Jones, Fort Smith


I am so happy that Eureka Pizza delivers to Centerton. We love your pizza! -K Stewart, Centerton


Great looking pizza, taste good, great price. -Leah Phillips, Mansfield


John was very friendly and efficient. Price was great! Pizza was quick and hot.

-Donna Smith, Muldrow


My family and I get to eat out once a week, due to our budget, and that day is always Friday since my husband gets off work late. We always choose Eureka Pizza because the pizza is delicious and the prices are so amazing! We are never disappointed in the food or service. My daughter jumps up and down when I tell her we are having pizza for dinner! Thank you Eureka Pizza for such wonderfully, delicious pizza and outstanding service! -Cassie Newman


Happy 19th Anniversary, Eureka, and thanks for the large pizzas at incredible prices this week. We tried some new ones tonight! My family's favorites are Tuscan Chicken, no onions on thin crust, and cheese on hand tossed crust. Our entire family ♥'s Eureka's delicious pizza! -Martha Jones


Our family budget is very limited for both groceries and eating out. With your Fast n Fresh pizzas and Monday Madness, my family can enjoy their favorite pizza more often-it's less expensive and less work than cooking at home!! My girls won't eat sauce on pizza anywhere else except for Eureka! Thanks for serving our community an AWESOME product at an INCREDIBLE price! We love you all!! -Beth Wolken Stadel


Eureka is amazing. I've never gotten a bad pizza, the service is always fast and super friendly. The toppings are fresh and tasty, and the pizza is always great the second day. I usually end up buying a second pizza on Monday Madness just so I'll have leftovers!

-Cassandra RoxAnne Patterson


I have lived in the area for about 4 years. I have never seen a local pizza company give so much back to its community. I work with people that have developmental disabilities and we enjoyed the personalized pizza tour at Eureka. Not to mention, where else in Arkansas can you get a GREAT TASTING pizza for less then 4 dollars? Thanks Eureka for all that you do. -Joe Rocko



Seriously amazing pizza at a seriously amazing price!!! -Susan Darling






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