Eureka Pizza in Fayetteville, AR

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For a fast cheap pizza i would go here. I would review them as a 5/5 in this category but they discontinued their toasted ravioli. having a little diversity in their menu like this set them apart from the other pizza places that were similar.

David Owens – 4 Stars

My go to for a quick cheap meal. I’m usually through the drive thru in less 5 minutes.The Tuscan cheese bread is my favorite.

Janie Michaelson – 4 Stars

Always great service. I come in at least once a week for one thing or  another. Friendly workers!

Alex Glaub – 5 Stars

Fast and easy I should have played the other night by about 15 minutes but wanted their special that has ended and they said no problem we’ll look it up and ready for you in 10 minutes. People really cool and the food was good too.

Ken Bower – 5 Stars

Man, the people who say this is the best pizza in town either have not been anywhere else or have lost the use of their tastebuds. It’s not TERRIBLE, but you get what you pay for. A $4.99 large pizza tastes just like you’d imagine. Great if you are running low on cash. I give it three stars because the employees are awesome – I mean, they are really cool. But best pizza in town? Good lord no. Cheapest, probably.

Zeek Martin – 3 Stars

Love this place order at least 1 a week on payday will be ordering tonight soon as my money hits my paycard great food excelent service ??.

Andrew Elder – 5 Stars

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