Eureka Pizza in Rogers, AR

Reviews of this Location

It is what you would expect for the price. Cheap, low quality pizza.
Josh Mann – 3 Stars
as a native of northwest arkansas, eureka pizza has been a staple of my diet since I was a wee child. regardless of whatever that implies about the state of my arteries, I am 100% certain that eureka is the best pizza in the area — not to mention that it’s absurdly cheap.
William Clift – 5 Stars
Eureka pizza is the best. Even when the other pizza places complain about delivering to our house, when they are the same distance as here, you guys deliver with no complaint and a smile. Great pizza, great price, what more could you ask for from pizza?
Isaac McCain – 5 Stars
Love the convenience
Tia Arellano – 4 Stars
Not impressed at all with the pizza or wings. Pizza is bland and not nearly enough sauce is used. Wings are just as bad very small and cheap wings… You need to make some changes, how people enjoy your food is beyond me. #hungrytrucker #notimpressed …
Ty Mauzerolle – 1 Star
Really good pizza at a great price!
Juan Stark – 4 Stars

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