Eureka Pizza in Siloam Springs, AR

Reviews of this Location

Eureka Pizza is an Arkansas pizza chain that uses fresh, local ingredients to make good, inexpensive pizzas. Pick up a stack of one-topping large pizzas at their drive-through window, or dine in for more menu options. The staff is very fast and friendly. The chain just celebrated their 25th anniversary!

Josh and Elizabeth Granderson – 5 Stars

They r very polite and fixit to my satisfaction

Donna Selvidge – 5 Stars

Some of the freshest food and quick delivery and very polite staff always friendly when I call an order in,James is extremely polite

Bobby Holt – 5 Stars

I prefer to use then over Little Ceasars because they are local, and have slightly better quality.

Benjamin Schaap – 4 Stars

If you want cheap fast pizza this is the best in town.

Azad Lassiter – 4 Stars

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