Eureka Pizza in Springdale, AR

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you get what you pay for. if you’re starving for pizza and don’t have much $, then this is the place. not bad, but not great.
Lindsay Watt – 3 Stars
Eureka Pizza is a great place to go for your grab ‘n’ go pizzas. You can walk up or drive through. Either way, their pizza is good AND affordable.
Robert Birch – 5 Stars
Pretty good pizza for a great price. If I can order online anywhere I usually do and both times I ordered here they got 1 of my pizzas wrong but they made it right and threw in a couple of extras to make up for it. Overall pretty satisfied!!
Angie Marshall – 4 Stars
Drive thru is small but works and during meal times they normally run out of wings (takes 8mins to cook more) but quick easy and cheap
Ashley Quintana – 3 Stars
It isn’t the best pizza in the world but it is good, the price is good, it’s quick, and it’s close. It’s also consistently good which is highly respectable.
Derrick Whittle – 4 Stars
Just your average Eureka Pizza fast service like they announce.
Omar Rodriguez – 4 Stars

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