Since 1992... From Humble Beginnings on Leverett Ave in Fayetteville..... Thanks Arkansas!

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au·then·tic       \ə-ˈthen-tik, ȯ-\

Real or genuine : not copied or false


We started in 1992 in beautiful Fayetteville based on the idea we could make a tasty, homemade, authentic pizza that would be affordable to nearly everybody.


24 years later we are still living our dream.  We make our dough 5-15 times a day in our local kitchens, we make our pizza sauce and chop our fresh veggies. Domino's®, Pizza Hut® and Papa John's® make their pizza dough in a far away factory, their pre-made dough is packed into an 18 wheeler trailer and trucked to the local store where it is thawed and heated.


Our traditional process is authentic, delicious and much better for the environment.


We do it because you deserve and authentic pizza.


Thanks for being our customer and sharing our dream.




We're Local & Better.

Meat Toppings

by Tyson ®

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100% Real Cheese

No artificial flavors or preservatives

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