An Arkansas Tradition Since 1992

From Humble Beginnings in Fayetteville

Eureka Pizza was started in Fayetteville in early 1992 by a recent college grad named Rolf Wilkin. Rolf walked into a failing pizzeria to sell an ad in his student coupon book. After being informed the restaurant was closing, he saw opportunity!

Scrounging up the money, Rolf ended up purchasing the failing pizzeria for just over $8,000 and renaming it Eureka Pizza. After a disappointing launch, word of mouth began to spread about the delicious pizzas, and how the dough and sauce was made fresh everyday (it still is!) and the incredible “Buy one, get two FREE” deal and sales started to soar!

Eureka Pizza grew quickly and soon spread to the surrounding towns. First to Springdale, then Rogers, Bentonville, Siloam Springs and Fort Smith.

27 years later, Rolf has been named “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” and Eureka Pizza “Best Pizza” and “Business of the Year”. All of this has been made possible by our loyal customers. Thank you for your support and we hope for many more years serving you tasty pizzas made using fresh, house made dough, sauce and 100% real cheese, every time.

What's in our Pizza?

Fresh-made Dough

We knead our special recipe, house-made dough for exactly 9 minutes, for a tender & delicious pizza crust that we hope you will love as much as we do. You can now get it stuffed with rich, buttery and creamy mozzarella cheese for just $2. Try it and tell us what you think.

100% Real Mozzarella Cheese

No artificial flavors or preservatives in our cheese. We use only 100% Real Mozzarella Cheese, made with fresh, Grade A, American milk. Our mozzarella is made using the “pasta filata” process that creates mozzarella with the classic taste and texture that makes a “Pizzaiolo” smile. Our rich, buttery and creamy cheese is packed with protein and calcium for your good health.

Pizza Sauce

No tomato paste here. Eureka Pizza® uses fresh-packed, vine-ripened and hand-selected Roma tomatoes, grown in the California sunshine, to make our delicious and zesty pizza sauce. Pizza lovers know that the “soul of a pizza” is in the sauce. Our savory pizza sauce is made fresh everyday in our local kitchens using premium herbs, spices, garlic and real Parmesan and Romano cheese to create our tempting flavor. For a refreshing change, try our White Pizza Sauce, it is a rich and buttery pesto style sauce made with basil, spices and real garlic.

Seasoned Meats

We use only delicious USDA Pizza Toppings. Our meat pizza toppings are Chef seasoned to perfection with premium herbs and spices. Our pepperoni is dry aged for authentic flavor, made by our local friends at Tyson Foods®.

Fresh Veggies

U.S. #1 Sweet Red Onions, Green Peppers, Farm-fresh Mushrooms and Fresh-sliced Roma Tomatoes. Our California-grown olives are mild and delicious without the bitter aftertaste characteristic of the cheaper imported olives used by the big chains.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Or We'll Refund Every Penny

We proudly put our pizzas up against any other pizzeria in town, regardless of price. Simply buy our pizza and compare us against the competition. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with Eureka Pizza. If not we will cheerfully refund your purchase price… every penny!

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