Better Ready™ Cheese

Better Ready™ Pepperoni

Better Ready™ Sausage

Build Your Own

4.49 Medium, 7.36 Large

Meat Fest

7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large

Eureka Supreme

7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large

Barefoot Sally (Veggie)

7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large

Hawaiian Special

7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large


7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large

Hungry yet?

Looking at cold drinks, oven baked wings, and fresh pizzas has a tendency to do that. The good news is you don’t have to wait around – you can get started on your carry out or delivery order now.

BBQ Beef

7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large

Tuscan Chicken

7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large

The Elise

7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large

BBQ Chicken

7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large

Chicken Supreme

7.99 Medium, 10.99 Large

Oven Baked Buffalo Wings

3.99 (Five Pieces)

Cinnamon Sticks


Cosmic Monkey Bread


Tuscan Cheese Bread


Bread Sticks


Large Cheese Sticks


Ice Cold Drink - 2 Liter


Ice Cold Drink - 20 oz.


Bottled Water


What's in our Pizza?

Fresh-made Dough

Our dough is made fresh daily from a mild flour that is summer harvested and then slow proofed using pure, natural yeast. We call it “Summer Wheat”. The end result is a crust that is softer and fluffier than your typical pizza crust and practically melts in your mouth.

100% Real Cheese

No artificial flavors or preservatives in our cheese! We use 100% Real Mozzarella Cheese, made with rich, pure and wholesome American milk. Our cheese is packed with protein and calcium.

Traditional Red Sauce

Eureka Pizza® uses fresh-packed, hand-selected Roma tomatoes, grown in the California sunshine, to make our delicious, traditional red pizza sauce and we add no citric acid – making our sauce easier on your stomach.

Seasoned Meats

We use delicious USDA Pizza Toppings. Our meat pizza toppings are seasoned to perfection with premium herbs and spices. Made by our local friends at Tyson®.

Fresh Veggies

U.S. #1 Sweet Red Onions, Green Peppers, Farm-fresh Mushrooms and Fresh-sliced Roma Tomatoes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Or We'll Refund Every Penny

We proudly put our pizzas up against any other pizzeria in town, regardless of price. Simply buy our pizza and compare us against the competition. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with Eureka Pizza. If not we will cheerfully refund your purchase price… every penny!

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